November  2011

 My flag was black for kids’ pirate parties back in the fifties,



 Red for divers starting in the seventies and for a 100% environmental resort,



 And now Green for my personal environmental crusade of this century.







                                                                                           Late 1962


One afternoon while diving at the head of a fertile coral valley at around 50 feet, the full splendor of the reef in its healthy and unmolested state entrapped me.  

 At that moment I recalled the Lt Governor van Hestren's lament to a young vagabond sailor that his queen’s orders to initiate tourism seemed impossible,

And here before me lays a field of gold equal to none, an opportunity for this island which had no future other than selling goats, charcoal and a bag of salt. Tourism was non-existent.

As the sun’s rays penetrated the corals I felt before an altar, the regulator slipped from my mouth as I screamed, “God, I promise you I shall be a guardian for these fields of gold. For as long as I live.

 (Well, I nearly drowned, but a promise had been made.) During the following weeks I leaked the secret of Bonaire’s gold and the rest is history.

By 1975 we had built a diving empire, a Marine Park and a worldwide reputation and became the leaders of Caribbean reef environmentalism. CURO was established, and a hundred moorings built and set in place. And then the Carpetbaggers who wanted quick wealth came in droves. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly descended upon us. The worst were the hordes of short-sighted individuals who did what they chose while not caring for our environment.

The death of our reef - which is our livelihood - was imminent.

Being of Scottish descent I started by calling in mij clan, and they came in droves with some very clever ideas. Thus was created Elite Green, a banner that shall symbolize our commitment to our environment and our seas.




                 The current bearers are:

Bruce Bowker

Habitat NV

Insel Air International BV

Bonaire Marine Park

          Sunshine homes

         Eco Lodge – Saba

         Magazine by the sea—Statia  LVV

         Bonaire Marine

                  Island Grower NV

                  Rum Runners Restaurant




Dive FantaSeas

Wanna dive

Dive Friends

Dive Training Magazine



  Straightforward And Simple


Our environmental objective is to proliferate reef/sea and

island management, to maintain a continuing productive

environment and to guarantee the economic health of our



Our philosophy and attitude of conservation and

environmental participation is such that we seek the highest

obtainable objective goals of continuing maxim preservation.


That use of our island environment by any body of people,

under our influence shall observe the maximum consideration

that their trespass shall leave no residue or mark.


We will endeavor to influence and create desire in all other

properties to follow this example.


It is our desire to successfully use, manage and share from

our island’s natural resource. We pledge to manage our

properties in a manner that will support these goals.



   The stake-holders of Elite Green



Notice’ The Accolade foundation has ordered 100 flags and paid for them. Swear to the creed to captain don/ and a flag plus all the other stuff we are going to do is yours. With out charge.


You can read between the lines. I need help.